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Listening to Climate Change; experiments with sonic democracy

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07 / 18 / 2018

Sounding Coastal Change - 24 hour Live Radio Broadcast

24 hour Live Radio Broadcast 

This was listened to by more than 1,000 people on the day and many more since. 


The broadcast ran from the 18th to the 19th July. 

It is still available as a Soundcloud playist on Richard Fair's Soundcloud here:




A recording of the live broadcast is now available on Soundcloud. 

Resulting from collaborations with local organizations and individuals, the broadcast includes live discussions, a documentary made by the Year 6 pupils of the Pilgrim Federation of Church of England Primary Schools, a new radio ballad featuring interviews with local residents, recordings of live music events, digital sound art, Sound Arks, and environmental sounds including the Dawn Chorus.


The broadcast started at, 4am onwards, Wednesday 18 July –  and went to 4am Thursday 19 July

Listen: at The Blakeney Harbour Room, 1pm – 5pm, Wednesday 18 July

Be part of the broadcast: come to Blakeney Quay on 18 July and be part of the broadcast by making YOUR MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE at the SCC ENGAGEMENT TENT in the Blakeney Parish Council quayside carpark, and say ‘Hi’ to the broadcast team in the Seagulls & Samphire Art & Craft Centre at Blakeney Quay.



The broadcast ran from 4:00 am on the 18th to same time on the 19th July 2018

(Sunrise 4:54)


Lots of people shared their views on coastal change with the following activities:


Sound Ark:  You can send it to us with the subject "Sound Ark" or tweet to us with the hash tag  #SaveOurSounds

Message in a Bottle:    You can send it to us with the subject "MIB" or tweet to us with the hash tag #MessageinaBottle

Overheard in…. / Overheard in Blakeney:  Have you heard something important and want to tell the world:  You can send it to us with the subject "Overheard in" or tweet to us with the tag #Overheardin





Time   Item

04:00  The Dawn Chorus in Blakeney

06:00  Time and Tide/Morston Quay digital sound installations

07:00  Sounding Coastal Change – an introduction

08:00  Soundscape North Norfolk

09:00  Meet the Sounding Coastal Change Team

09.45  Pilgrim Federation of C.of.E Primary Schools

10:00  Blakeney Is Beautiful/Norfolk Melodies/More Water In The Sea

11:00  Coastal Conversations - Parts 1 and 2

12:10  What’s Happening?

12:30  Meet the Team 

13:00  Pilgrim Federation Year 6 Documentary

14:00  Time and Tide/Morston Quay

14.40  Radio Ballad: The Village, the Sea and the Turning Tide

16:00  Roundtable Discussion with Norfolk conservation organizations

17:00  Coastal Partnership – AONB 50th Anniversary

17:30  Sound Ark/Bio-blitz – Citizen Science

18:00  Pilgrim Federation Year 6 Documentary (repeat)

19:00  Discussion 2

19:30  Sound Ark/Bio-blitz – Citizen Science

20:30  Coastal Conversations

21:40  Radio Ballad: The Village, the Sea and the Turning Tide

23:00  Discussion 2 (repeat from 4pm roundtable)

00:00  Matters Arising …in Blakeney

01:45  Coastal Partnership AONB

02:15  Blakeney Is Beautiful/Norfolk Melodies/More Water In The Sea

03:15  Soundscape North Norfolk

04:00 Close

06 / 30 / 2018

Coastal Conversations

Saturday 30 June, 10:30am to 12:30pm

A free, collaborative event with Norfolk Wildlife Trust, at Cley Marshes Visitors’ Centre:


Join us for tea and coffee (and biscuits) and some engaging conversations with people familiar with the ever-changing Norfolk Coast. Our informed conversationalists come from the Open University, the Norfolk Wildlife Trust and beyond. They will be ready to listen and discuss whatever aspects of the coast’s ‘living landscape’ interest you the most, or simply want to reflect upon. Some of the conversations will be recorded for the Sounding Coastal Change 24-hour live online broadcast from Blakeney for World Listening Day, 18 July 2018.

06 / 02 / 2018

Matters Arising Live performance

Saturday 2 June, 14:00 – 16:00, St. Nicholas Church, Blakeney

Premier performance of new music by composer Sam Richards.

Featuring renowned vocal ensemble:  Seraphim (Director, Vetta Wise)

'Matters Arising … in Blakeney' is composer/improviser Sam Richards' response to visiting and researching Blakeney and the North Norfolk coast.​ It is an exciting opportunity to hear the first performance of an innovative large-scale, multi-performer piece with professional vocalists, instrumentalists, digital sound and film artists and, near the end, a conversation about the future of the area. Richards uses locally recorded sounds and experimental approaches to music and performance, and fills the entire space of St.Nicholas’ Church.

Cost: Free.

Families welcome.

Either stay for the full 2-hour performance or drop-in and out



  • www.soundingcoastalchange.org/contact
  • facebook.com/OUSoundingCoastalChange
  • instagram.com/soundingcoastalchange (@soundingcoastalchange)
  • twitter.com/SCC_OU (@SCC_OU)
  • johanna.wadsley@open.ac.uk 
  • 07792 683196

Where - St Nicholas Church, Blakeney

When. 14:00 - 16:00

07 / 07 / 2017

Free Live Performance Event

Children welcome, refreshments available

Friday, 7 July 2017 from 18:00 onwards

St. Nicholas’ Church,Cley Road, Blakeney, NR25 7NJ

To celebrate the launch of the Sounding Coastal Change project, this event will showcase:

•  Sonic creations by the children of the Pilgrim Federation of Church of England Primary Schools

•  Electronic sound art created from the sounds of Blakeney and conversations with local people

•  The premiere of a music composition inspired by the Norfolk coast

•  Discoveries from the East Anglian Film Archive

•  Folk songs olds and new

To register your attendance and for catering purposes, please CLICK HERE.

05 / 07 / 2017

International Dawn Chorus Day

Richardfair is on Mixlr

Live web broadcast followed by a Q&A session at the NWT, Cley

Live web broadcast two hours either side of dawn, estimated time of broadcast 04:30 - 06:30

Q&A with the recording team at a ‘Bird Bonanza’ session at the Norfolk Wildlife Trust Aspinall Centre, 10:00 - 11:30

Thursday, 7 May 2017 from 04:30 to 11:30 (GMT)

Venue: Norfolk Wildlife Trust Visitor Centre, Cley, NR25 7SA

A live web broadcast of the dawn chorus on Cley Marshes, for International Dawn Chorus Day, linked by Reveil: a 24 hour broadcast that tracks the sounds of daybreak, travelling West from microphone to microphone on sounds transmitted live by audio streamers around the globe. This activity is part of the Cley Calling celebration of North Norfolk's wildlife and people.

Listen to the live broadcast here:

07 / 03 / 2017

Sound Installations

Free, all welcome

2 - 8 July


INSTALLATION 1 - the lookout at Morston Quay, National Trust Information Centre, Blakeney National Nature Reserve

INSTALLATION 2 - St. Nicholas' Church, Cley Road, Blakeney, NR25 7NJ

Sound artists Lona Kozik and Richard Fair have created two distinct sound works based upon ‘found sound’ recorded in the local area, and research interviews with local residents.

07 / 03 / 2017

Sound Recording Workshops

Students at the Pilgrim Federation of C. of E. Primary Schools

Week of 3 - 7 July 2017

Locations: Blakeney Primary School

Students will learn how to use sound recording equipment, how to record environmental sounds outdoors, and the techniques of mini-interviews with people in their community. The workshop facilitators, Johanna Wadsley and Richard Fair, will then edit, geotag and upload the children’s creations to the Sound Map on www.soundingcoastalchange.org, and the children will present their work at the live performance event on Friday 7 July 2017.

04 / 17 / 2018

Building a Sound Ark - Free Workshop

Building a Sound Ark
(Tuesday 17th April, 10.30 am - 3.30 pm at Norfolk Wildlife Trust, Cley Marshes Visitor Centre, Cley next the Sea, Holt NR25 7SA 
To Book - call 01263 740008)
Explores how the voices of the coast, its birds, maps, reed beds, shingle, fishermen or folk songs can tell us about the coastal landscapes we value. The coast is changing and people’s lives are changing with it. In this workshop, part of Sounding Coastal Change: an Open University research project, we will build a Sound Ark  - a time capsule message of sounds selected from the day to send to the future: the sounds we would like to hear at this place in the future, the sounds we want to preserve for future generations to hear. There will be an opportunity to go out and about on the reserve to capture some of the sounds of Cley with recording equipment provided on the day and/or to use materials provided, including sounds, songs and voices recorded locally.